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Summer courses Dec 18-21 and Jan 16 – 24

Learn German and other languages in our summer courses in December and January. Summer courses are more intensive as they cover everything in 4-5 days, what regular classes cover in 10 weeks. These classes are the perfect way to learn a language. Longer class hours and no breaks between lessons will help you to retain structures and vocabulary much better. We will need less time for revision and have more time for speaking and fun. Comedy, video clips, songs and cartoons will be part of the teaching.

GERMAN Super-Intensive Summer Course January 15 – 19

January 2018 Daytime Courses Super-Intensive Course 1 week $450

Mon – Fri 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM



Learn German at the German Language Centre! After starting my German language studies in Germany, I was pleased to begin classes again at the East Melbourne Language Centre, with its highly experienced and effective teachers, and its fun classes.
My teacher, Katharina, is brilliant in how she explains the complicated German language, and this is greatly helped by her deep knowledge of English as well as several other languages. Classes are very thought-provoking, and offer me an ideal level of challenge, and a supportive environment in which I can improve my language skills. In class, we don’t just learn just language, but we very much engage with German culture and history through media including film, TV and print.
I am grateful for the experiences I have had at the East Melbourne Language Centre, and very much recommend the school to others.

Robin Henry
Musician and Music teacher

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“That’s a warp!” I was told that’s what people say when they finish a movie or a big project, and that’s what we just did! But, honestly, until we were able to say this, it has been a long journey… It all started with the German Cinema Melbourne. The German Film Festival, that we, as the German Language Centre, support, is a great opportunity for people in Melbourne to have a closer look at the variety of German Movies. And of course, for everyone who wants to learn German and take German classes in Melbourne, this is a perfect way …

East Melbourne Language Centre: Making a movie
East Melbourne Language Centre: Making a movie - http://languagecentre.net.au/east-melbourne-language-centre-making-a-movie/

A dark room, a huge screen, comfortable seats, rising tension, delicious popcorn and an amazing movie, who doesn’t love the cinema?! I do love it and even more if the movies have been handpicked German specialties, to provide an insight into the current German cinematic, cultural and societal landscape. Can anybody guess what I am talking about? Exactly the German Cinema Melbourne! After we were able to enjoy the German Film Festival for years, the German Cinema Melbourne now continues this wonderful tradition. They offer a snapshot of different genres, by screening ten new films (all produced in 2016/2017) and …

German Cinema Melbourne
German Cinema Melbourne - http://languagecentre.net.au/german-cinema-melbourne/

The other day I came across this book called “The Awful German Language” by Mark Twain. As I had just been contemplating to start learning German in Melbourne, I started reading it and could not put the book down any more. Twain, hilariously documented his laborious relationship with German in this essay He spent time in Germany and Switzerland where he grappled with the language to then deliver a lecture in Vienna titled “Die Schrecken der deutschen Sprache”, translating to “The Horrors of the German Language”. The comedic take on German and its difficulties is not to be taken as …

Awful German Language
Awful German Language - http://languagecentre.net.au/awful-german-language/

What happens when language teachers from different backgrounds come together in Melbourne for a training course. First there was a great session about phonetics in German by Maria. She is not only a German teacher for our language classes she also teaches at Monash Uni, she also trains for the Frisbee world championships to compete for Australia. WOW. Watch this space!! Afterwards we had some food and some drinks to celebrate Marlies’ 20 years of teaching German at the East Melbourne Language teacher. So many years of pure dedication, so much expertise, so much laugher! We love you…Cheers to the …

German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Russian at the East Melbourne Language Centre
German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Russian at the East Melbourne Language Centre - http://languagecentre.net.au/melbourne-language-centre/

What is the easiest language to learn for an English speakers? Many students want to enrol into a language course in Melbourne but can’t decide which language to learn. I have been asked many times “What is the easiest language to learn for an English speaker?” and expect to get one clear answer to this question. They hope to get an answer such as Spanish, French or German is the easiest language to learn. But I had to disappoint them as it depends on lots of different factors. So instead of giving you one answer to this question, I want …

Language Course Melbourne
Language Course Melbourne - http://languagecentre.net.au/language-course-melbourne/