German Movie Night

Day & Time
February 23-


Course Description

Welcome to the German Language Centre Film Night!

Come in and join us watching the German movie "Kundschafter des Friedens" with other German students and teachers from the Language Centre. We will provide some soft drinks and snacks but please feel free to bring a bottle of wine to share. The movie will be in German with English subtitles, suitable for all level students.

The story

The former and now retired agent Jochen Falk of the GDR (German Democratic Republic) is asked to join the Federal Intelligence Service of the FRG (Federal Republic Germany) for one last mission. Falk and his old team have to save the future president of the fictive state Katschekistan, which belonged to the Soviet-Union, and make sure that the separated state can get reunited. With their old methods and skills,they do not only have to cope with the change of time but also with the young FRG agent Paula, who accompanies them.

Included in the price

  • Tea and coffee
  • Snacks