Term 4 all classes will be running online.

We will be running all classes online because

  1. At this stage we are not allowed to gather yet.\
  2. We cannot guarantee social distancing as the class rooms and corridors are too small.

We have been running private online classes very successfully for many years. It is an extremely effective learning experience, as we type the corrected version of what you say which means you get to read the minutes of the class afterwards and you also have the possibility to record it. A very intensive way of learning. Might be just the right form of diversion for those going into isolation! Lots of homework and a steep learning curve guaranteed!

We will be running “Zoom appetizers” for those who have never tried it – 30 minutes for $30 in case you want to add this format or move to it exclusively.

We are encouraged by the number of students committed to Term 3 classes. Thank you so much for your understanding and solidarity. I have been running the school for 30 years with wonderful teachers and students and we will be doing all in our power to ensure our special language community stays alive.

Please stay healthy and we hope to see you all again soon, whether either online or in person.