German Grammar and Conversation Workshop

Day & Time
Mon - Thur
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Apr.


Course Description

Polish your grammar and enhance your conversation skills in this 4-day workshop.

Whether you want to get back into learning or just fill some gaps, our popular Grammar and Conversation workshop is the best way to do it!

In just 2 hours you will practice your German in a fun environment with highly qualified teachers, get a revision on typical difficulties of German grammar and the chance to start your next term well prepared! .

Students of all German language levels can attend this workshop. For some it will be a revision, for some it will be something new. We highly recommend the workshop for VCE students!

  • Grammar for A1 / A2 Topic:Tenses
  • Grammar for B1 + B2 Topic: Passive

You can join for

  • one night for $50 or all
  • four nights for $150.

Please contact us after the enrollment to ensure you have booked the correct level.