German Movie Night

Day & Time

12th of July


Course Description

Welcome to the German Language Centre Movie Night! 

Come in and join us watching the German movie "Fack Ju Göhte 2" with other German students and teachers from the Language Centre.We will provide some soft drinks and snacks but please feel free to bring a bottle of wine to share.The movie will be in German with English subtitles, suitable for all levels.

The story

Everyone loves Zeki Müller at the Goethe Comprehensive School, but he’s beginning to lose enthusiasm for his accidental vocation: waking up early, delinquent students and endless paperwork. And now, overly-ambitious Principal Gerster has set her sights on stealing the Thailand school partnership away from the elite Schiller School. Her dream: to boost the image of her derelict school in order to become the model for the Ministry of Education’s new public campaign. Müller is condemned to accompany the class on a trip to a remote Thai village.Chantal, Zeynep, Danger & Co. are in prime form during their first trip abroad, rampantly displaying their full spectrum of social incompetence and cultural ignorance. And if that wasn’t enough already for Zeki, to have to deal with the constant teachers vs. students war, he also has to lead the charge against the snobby Schiller School and their pompous über-Teacher - whose sole goal is to end Müller’s career!

Included in the price

  • Tea and coffee
  • Snacks