Custom made classes in 2024. Send us an email and we will make it possible.

Term 2: 2024 April 15 – June 21.

Term fee incl. GST: $359.00 online course fee / $390.00 for in house courses/ *$375.00 for mixed classes (alternating in house and online, details to be discussed in class):  

10 weeks: 1.5 hours per week for classes of 5 or more students, 9 weeks:  1.5 hours per week with 4 students, 9 weeks: 1.25 hours per week with 3 students (Concession price is $340 for online courses. Please call or email)

$50.00 Single class in regular classes, $55.00 in small classes. Please check availability with the office.

All classes will be on Zoom if not indicated otherwise. Let us know if we do not offer your preferred choice. 

Please click here for a German placement test, to find the correct level for you. Please contact the office to find your level in any other language.

Term Dates 2024

Term 1: January 29 – March 28

Term 2: April 15 – June 21

Term 3: July 15 – September 20

Term 4: October 7 – December 13


(A1.1 Elementary 1 = Absolute Beginner)
A1 = Elementary (A1.1 – A1.5) Tests A1.1= our A1.1, A1.2 and part of A1.3. Test A1.2 = part of A1.3, A1.4 and A1.5. Talk to us for details.
A2 = Intermediate (A2.1 – A2.5)
B1 = First Advanced (B1.1 – B1.5)
B1+= Revision and Consolidation (B1.1+ – B1.4+)
B2 = Second Advanced
C1 / C2 = Higher Advanced

GermanA1.1 Elementary ONLINEMenschen A1, Lektion 1Monday
Marlene29th of April-17th of JuneEnrol
GermanA1.2 Elementary ONLINEMenschen A1, Lektion 5Tuesday
Marlene16th of April-18th of JuneEnrol
GermanA1.2 Elementary IN HOUSEMenschen A1, Lektion 6Wednesday
Moritz17th of April-20th of JuneEnrol
GermanA1.3 Elementary ONLINEMenschen A1, Lektion 11Wednesday
Marlies17th of April-19th of JuneEnrol
GermanA1.3 Elementary IN HOUSEMenschen A1, Lektion 11Wednesday
Moritz17th of April-20th of JuneEnrol
GermanA1.5 Elementary ONLINEMenschen A1, Lektion 17Tuesday
Marlene16th of April-18th of JuneEnrol
GermanA1.6 Elementary ONLINEMenschen A1, Lektion 22Tuesday
Kristina16th of April-18th of JuneEnrol
GermanA2.4 Intermediate ONLINEMenschen A2, Lektion 12/13Thursday
Francesca18th of April-20th of JuneEnrol
GermanA2.4 Advanced ONLINEMenschen A2, Lektion 13Monday
Marlene15th of April-17th of JuneEnrol
GermanB1.1 Advanced ONLINEMenschen B1 Lektion 1Tuesday
Uli16th of April-18th of JuneEnrol
GermanB1.3 Advanced ONLINEMenschen B1, Lektion 7Tuesday
Uli16th of April-18th of JuneEnrol
GermanB1.3+ Advanced ONLINESicher! B1+, Lektion 9Thursday
Katharina17th of April-20th of JuneEnrol
GermanB1.6 Advanced ONLINEMenschen B1, Lektion 21Friday
Moritz19th of April-21st of JuneEnrol
GermanB2.2 Advanced ONLINESicher! B2, Lektion 6Monday
Julita17th of April-19th of JuneEnrol
GermanB2.3 Advanced ONLINESicher! B2, Lektion 3Monday
Marlies15th of April-19th of JuneEnrol
GermanC1/C2 Bookclub ONLINEMonday
Phillip15th of April-17th of JuneEnrol
GermanC1.1 Konversation und RevisionSicher! C1, Lektion 8Thursday
Katharina18th of April-20th of JuneEnrol
GermanC1.2 Advanced ONLINEVarious materialsTuesday
Phillip16th of April-18th of JuneEnrol
GermanC1/C2 Advanced ONLINEVarious materialsMonday
Katharina15th of April-17th of JuneEnrol
RussianA1.1 Elementary ONLINELets Go Russian 1.1 Chapter 1Monday
Elena15th of April-17th of JuneEnrol
RussianA1.5 Elementary ONLINELet’s Go Russian 1.1, Chapter 23Wednesday
Elena17th of April-19th of JuneEnrol
RussianA1.6 Elementary ONLINELets go Russian 1.2, chapter 37Thursday
Elena18th of April-20th of JuneEnrol
RussianB1 Advanced ONLINERevision and current topicsWednesday
Liudmila17th of April-19th of JuneEnrol

* mixed classes (alternating in house and online, details to be discussed in class)