VCE/IB Training

VCE/IB Exam Preparation

We have been conducting VCE classes successfully for several languages for more than 25 years.

Last year’s results were all excellent with all our raw scores over 40 and the best student, Max Drezga, receiving a Premier’s Award for his raw 49 in German (scaled up to 52!) which another student, Kimme, had achieved the year before in French.

Any student would profit vastly from our one-on-one tuition as VCE languages receive a strong scaling bonus. Check out the scaling report on the following website for details:

Click here to see the scaling report

E.g. a score of 20 scales to 28, 35 scales to 44. There are not many subjects that receive similar bonuses. Most of our VCE students come for private tuition in order to work on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Private Classes

Private class prices apply ($85 per session; 10% discount if you pay 10 hours in advance). You could also have Zoom classes which has proven to be very convenient and effective. Or you could try a combination of both.

Please contact us to find the best option for you. You could start at any time, but do not wait too long! Languages take time to learn and the sooner you start, the better your result will be.


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