Learn French

Private Tuition/Semi Private Tuition

French Online Lessons

  • Fee for one-on-one tuition: $95/hour (10% discount for 10 pre-paid lessons)
  • Fee for 2 students: $100/hour (10%discount if you pre-book for 10 lessons)
  • Fee for 3 students: $120/hour (10%discount if you pre-book for 10 lessons)

We offer online classes at $95 per 60 minutes especially for people who want to practice their conversation skills, but they can be for regular class work, too. Ask us for details.

Smaller French Classes

Occasionally we have only 3 or 4 students for a particular French class. As a cancellation of classes might cause disappointment to our students, we offer these smaller classes at different rates and conditions.

Online classes with 4 students are $359 for a 9-week term. Online classes with 3 students are $359 for a 9 week term with 1.25 hours per week.

These classes are currently not on our regular term timetable. Please contact us to find out more.

Exam and VCE Preparation

We prepare students for University and VCE exams by offering private tuition.