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Testimonials for online classes

Hello Katharina,
just a note to say thank you for all the hard work that you and the team at the East Melbourne Language Centre have been doing this last few weeks. In this time of great uncertainty, it is a reminder of what matters, of what is significant.

Thank you all for finding ways to keep the classes going so we can meet virtually and stay connected with our class mates and teachers. It also has been comforting to remember why learning a language is so valuable for us in our connections and networks. Many of us have family and friends at our heart of learning new languages, of love and relationships with other cultures and communities. Learning language strengthens those links and opens new doors as we make our explorations with words and meanings, with ideas, people and literature.

With so many ideas for how to spend more of our time in the home, learning a new language, spending time on grammar or new vocab is definitely high on the lists circulating in social media. I have been very grateful for the last couple of weeks with virtual classes can help me with motivation and expert, structured support.

Many thanks again for the hard work from the teachers and your school,
Vielen Dank! Shukran jazillan.
Brigid Ryan ( B1.3 German / B1.5 Arabic)

Brigid Ryan, health worker.

I am thoroughly enjoying learning German at this school. The physical classrooms have been a fantastic learning environment, however it is particularly commendable that during a global pandemic, this small business was able to swiftly take its classes to an online format. It’s comforting that the students’ and teachers’ health and wellbeing is a priority of the school. My personal experience in the virtual classroom was fantastic. The software, Zoom, was easily navigated by everyone in my class, regardless of our diversity in age. Our teacher also did a fantastic job of quickly adapting to this new teaching format and made the physical-to-virtual experience seamless!

Grace Rodrigues, 23, student, Biomedicine, German A2


For Melbourne cinephiles and many of our fellow students at the East Melbourne Language Centre, MIFF is the film festival event of the year: people plan their August around those must-see movies, some even taking leave from work to ensure that they can get into as many matinee screenings of obscure Uzbek documentaries as possible. They are also an excellent chance for language learners to challenge themselves outside of their language course, with movies produced in countries across the globe.:

Learning Languages Online through Film: What’s on at MIFF 68½
Learning Languages Online through Film: What’s on at MIFF 68½ - https://languagecentre.net.au/learning-languages-online-through-film-whats-on-at-miff-68%c2%bd/

Have your sights set on Germany? Great! This European country is a beautiful destination for rolling mountains, lush green forests, and some pretty great locals. However, there may be a few cultural points to know before you encounter them. Check out this list of 10 quirks to know before visiting Germany:

10 quirks to know before visiting Germany
10 quirks to know before visiting Germany - https://languagecentre.net.au/10-quirks-to-know-before-visiting-germany/

There are numerous dimensions which learning a second language opens you up to. Although some people restrict themselves to their native language due to some mystical interventions and misconceptions, it does not change the fact that the changing trends in the world demand more than just a native language. Global minds prepare themselves in all ramifications, including necessary language areas. Here are some interesting reasons why learning a second language is perfect for you!

Why learning a language is good for you
Why learning a language is good for you - https://languagecentre.net.au/why-learning-a-language-is-good-for-you/

Why are you learning German?

I started learning German because my boyfriend’s family are from Germany and he speaks German at home. Naturally, I wanted to have some sort of understanding of what’s going on and to be able to understand the culture that is such a big part of his life, so I decided I’d take up German classes! While I now already know the basics of German and have an insight into the culture, I’ve continued learning the language because I find it genuinely enjoyable and challenging.

Interview with Grace – German language learner
Interview with Grace – German language learner - http://languagecentre.net.au/interview-mit-grace-german-language-learner/

Why would you start learning a new language and how would you decide which new language that would be? These are two questions I asked one of our new students who very enthusiastically came into the East Melbourne Language Centre as a student for the first time. Susan had decided that she wanted to start learning French! We are always interested in everyone’s motivations for learning a new language and why in particular they chose the language they did. So, I asked her why she chose French, especially having straight away confessed, nervously, to knowing no words in French aside …

Reasons to learn a new language
Reasons to learn a new language - http://languagecentre.net.au/reasons-to-learn-a-new-language/

What is the easiest language to learn for an English speakers? Many students want to enrol into a language course in Melbourne but can’t decide which language to learn. I have been asked many times “What is the easiest language to learn for an English speaker?” and expect to get one clear answer to this question. They hope to get an answer such as Spanish, French or German is the easiest language to learn. But I had to disappoint them as it depends on lots of different factors. So instead of giving you one answer to this question, I want …

Language Course Melbourne
Language Course Melbourne - http://languagecentre.net.au/language-course-melbourne/