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Learning Languages Online through Film: What’s on at MIFF 68½

Learning Languages Online through Film: What’s on at MIFF 68½ For Melbourne cinephiles and many of our fellow students at the East Melbourne Language Centre, MIFF is the film festival event of the year: people plan their August around those must-see movies, some even taking leave from work to ensure that they can get into as many matinee screenings of obscure Uzbek documentaries as possible. They are also an excellent chance for language learners to challenge themselves outside of their language course, with movies produced in countries across the globe. When the coronavirus crisis hit it looked as though MIFF ...
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10 quirks to know before visiting Germany

Have your sights set on Germany? Great! This European country is a beautiful destination for rolling mountains, lush green forests, and some pretty great locals. However, there may be a few cultural points to know before you encounter them. Check out this list of 10 quirks to know before visiting Germany: Germans have a word for everything This is mostly due to the fact that German words are often just compounded words. Meaning that you may understand all the words individually, but that put together they may sound a bit confusing. Ask for clarification if you need it, or use ...
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Why learning a language is good for you

There are numerous dimensions which learning a second language opens you up to. Although some people restrict themselves to their native language due to some mystical interventions and misconceptions, it does not change the fact that the changing trends in the world demand more than just a native language. Global minds prepare themselves in all ramifications, including necessary language areas. Here are some interesting reasons why learning a second language is perfect for you! ·        Connectivity. Connectivity has diverse streams. Learning a second language helps you connect with other minds. It also helps you view the world from a different ...
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Christmas Party

The sun is shining, it is 21°C outside and a gentle breeze is moving the leaves of the palm trees. Children are playing in the park, adults are enjoying wine, beer and the huge variety of food from the buffet. Everything is perfect for – a Christmas party? Depending on where you come from, you might associate Christmas with different traditions, places and food than other people. It might even be the case that Christmas is not celebrated at all in your family. We offer a variety of languages at the East Melbourne & German Language Centre and every nationality ...
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Meet our new volunteers Stephanie and Ann-Sophie!

With languages, you are at home anywhere. – Edmund de Waal It has been just about three weeks, since our new German volunteers Stephanie and Ann-Sophie left their homes in Germany to work at the East Melbourne & German Language Centre for one year. Nevertheless, it seems as if they have already settled in! During the past few years, we have had German volunteers staying with some of our students at working with us at the Language Centre. They have been part of the Volunteers’ Abroad Program of the IB (Internationaler Bund), a German non-profit organisation, which sends young German ...
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