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Christmas Party

The sun is shining, it is 21°C outside and a gentle breeze is moving the leaves of the palm trees. Children are playing in the park, adults are enjoying wine, beer and the huge variety of food from the buffet. Everything is perfect for – a Christmas party? Depending on where you come from, you might associate Christmas with different traditions, places and food than other people. It might even be the case that Christmas is not celebrated at all in your family. We offer a variety of languages at the East Melbourne & German Language Centre and every nationality ...
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Meet our new volunteers Stephanie and Ann-Sophie!

With languages, you are at home anywhere. – Edmund de Waal It has been just about three weeks, since our new German volunteers Stephanie and Ann-Sophie left their homes in Germany to work at the East Melbourne & German Language Centre for one year. Nevertheless, it seems as if they have already settled in! During the past few years, we have had German volunteers staying with some of our students at working with us at the Language Centre. They have been part of the Volunteers’ Abroad Program of the IB (Internationaler Bund), a German non-profit organisation, which sends young German ...
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Interview mit Grace – German language learner

Why are you learning German? I started learning German because my boyfriend’s family are from Germany and he speaks German at home. Naturally, I wanted to have some sort of understanding of what’s going on and to be able to understand the culture that is such a big part of his life, so I decided I’d take up German classes! While I now already know the basics of German and have an insight into the culture, I’ve continued learning the language because I find it genuinely enjoyable and challenging. What makes learning German fun? I find learning German so rewarding ...
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Reasons to learn a new language

Why would you start learning a new language and how would you decide which new language that would be? These are two questions I asked one of our new students who very enthusiastically came into the East Melbourne Language Centre as a student for the first time. Susan had decided that she wanted to start learning French! We are always interested in everyone’s motivations for learning a new language and why in particular they chose the language they did. So, I asked her why she chose French, especially having straight away confessed, nervously, to knowing no words in French aside ...
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Why on earth would you want to study German at uni?

When new students come to the East Melbourne and German Language Centre, we often ask them why they are learning a new language. Not to test them but just because we are interested.  The most common answer is probably that they have a partner or family member from another country and they want to be able to speak and understand the language. Some even want to move to the other country and for that, they should have some basic knowledge in the language. After listening to a number of different motivations, I started to think about all of the benefits ...
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