PTE-Academic, IELTS, Cambridge Proficiency and Intensive English Courses in Melbourne

Pte-academic, IELTS and Cambridge Proficiency in Melbourne

Exam preparation classes especially geared at quick results, to get you your permanent residency or your student visa and to improve your specific level in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Classes can be during the day and after hours and on Saturday afternoons in East Melbourne. We recommend one-on-one tuition as that is the most time effective option but sometimes we can offer small group classes if students are of the same level and have the same prerequisites.

Class Structure Highlight:

  • From the very first lesson you will be tested with a writing and reading IELTS test component which will then be marked and returned with feedback, a predicted grade and an action plan.
  • We offer classes for students with a specific purpose, including university entrance, permanent residency and specific visa types.
  • We offer serious academic classes that focus solely on the test.
  • Each lesson is a dedicated academic IELTS skills lesson. In this lesson you will learn how IELTS expects a summary to be written, in order to help you get the best IELTS grade that you can. We are very experienced and serious about getting good IELTS results for students.
  • All materials used are from previous IELTS tests or sample tests.
  • You do not require a textbook.
  • You will receive online support from the teacher with instant email feedback.

All fees include corrections of sample tests

Private Tuition / Semi Private Tuition

  • Fee for one-on-one tuition: $95/hour (5% discount for 10 pre-paid lessons)
  • Fee for 2 students: $115/hour (5% discount for 10 pre-paid lesson)
  • Fee for 3 students: $135/hour (5% discount for 10 pre-paid lesson)
  • Fee for online classes: $95/hour (5% discount for 10 pre-paid lessons)

Private classes that are canceled at least 24 hours prior to the class will not be charged.

After 30 years of experience in preparing students for exams we only offer one-on-one tuition or small classes so that you can receive personalised training and feedback aimed at improving your personal level. No mucking around with other students’ questions and worries.


English Group Course in Melbourne

Live and learn in the most livable city in the world (as voted 2017)!
Ideal for students, professionals or just holidaymakers.
Improve your English while you soak up the flair and unforgettable Aussie lifestyle of this modern and multicultural metropolis. The greater Metropolitan Area of Melbourne offers unique opportunities for every taste – Arts, culture, music and architecture.
You are never far away from the beach, green parks or cosy little side streets with coffee bars and restaurants! Or leave the city and discover Australian nature and wildlife.
Many of Victoria’s best national parks and nature reserves are just a short drive outside the city. Experience a trip along the world famous Great Ocean Rode and visit the Twelve Apostles.
Intensive English at the East Melbourne Language Centre can be focused on preparation for international recognised English exams [e.g. IELTS; TOEFL; Cambridge] or on learning the type of English which is needed for everyday life in Australia [or any English speaking country].
We can also concentrate on Business Language if this is what you need.
  • When: Monday to Friday from 10 am – 1.00pm (+ minimum of 1 hour of self study at the centre )
  • How much: (price for a group with a minimum of 5 participants – max 12)

1 week = $4302 weeks = $7994 weeks = $1449

Material: $80 Enrolment Fee: $150 (non refundable)
Full amount payable 2 weeks before classes start (or a minimum of 50% for 4 week classes)
Course fee only refundable 1 week before classes start or with a medical certificate.
  • Material: We will focus on all the different fields that you need (reading, writing, speaking, listening) supported by various materials.
  • Level: The classes are available for total Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.


  • Homestay, single room, half-board $280 per week
  • Homestay, twin share, half-board $190 per week
  • Hostel, dormitory $196 per week (prices vary depending on the season)
  • Hostel, single room $490 per week (prices vary depending on the season)

Airport Welcome & Transfer

We can greet you at and transfer you from Melbourne Airport by arrangement [cost $80]

Please enquire here


1 – 4周英语强化课程





该课程通常为周一至周五,每天上午10:00 – 下午3:00 (含一个小时午餐时间)