Why learning a language is good for you

There are numerous dimensions which learning a second language opens you up to. Although some people restrict themselves to their native language due to some mystical interventions and misconceptions, it does not change the fact that the changing trends in the world demand more than just a native language. Global minds prepare themselves in all ramifications, including necessary language areas. Here are some interesting reasons why learning a second language is perfect for you!

·        Connectivity.

Connectivity has diverse streams. Learning a second language helps you connect with other minds. It also helps you view the world from a different perspective. The knowledge of other languages will not only open you up to other beautiful cultures and traditions, but it will also help you bond and build long-lasting friendships.

·        Cultural Connections.

Cultural connections are deeper than connectivity. Learning a second language will expose to you the inner core of other traditions as well as their religions, arts, and history. You will also be able to maturely handle tolerance and acceptance. Being unexposed to other languages might promote some unnecessary rigidity towards people from other culture. The most flexible people, open to positive changes and influences from others, are those associated with the language and ways of that culture.

·        Learning languages can serve as a form of Brain-food

We might have some point in life, spoon-fed ourselves with some tasty goodies for proper growth and development, but I dare say that learning a language is a form of brain-food! Many benefits have been accrued to those who are exposed to other languages. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved capacity for critical thinking
  • Rapidity in concentration and memory
  • Increased ability to multitask
  • Improved communication (listening skills)

It has also been noticed that multi-lingual display more flexibility and general creativity when compared to monolingual people; the difference can seem from insights gotten from different language combinations.

·        A creative edge in career advancement

Learning a language presents advantages like a creative edge in career advantage in addition to cultural connections and creativity.  Many potential employers consider multi-lingual employees, “an asset”. In today’s economy, the ability to communicate in more than one language is considered as a valuable employee skill set, because it helps in effectively communicating with customers, and performing researches. By building yourself in essential languages, you will be giving yourself the needed edge to level up in the world of business and career creatively.

·        Increased alertness at old age.

I know it sounds unbelievable, but research has proven that multi-lingual people stay more alert in old age! Scientists have discovered that people who speak more than one language usually experience delayed onset of Alzheimer disease and dementia; this might be because speaking more than one language, tasks the brain and exercises it, by giving it more to do.

Don’t you think you would have a lot of fun, learning a new language?

Get started and avail yourself to these advantages by enrolling with us today.