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German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Russian at the East Melbourne Language Centre

What happens when language teachers from different backgrounds come together in Melbourne for a training course. First there was a great session about phonetics in German by Maria. She is not only a German teacher for our language classes she also teaches at Monash Uni, she also trains for the Frisbee world championships to compete for Australia. WOW. Watch this space!! Afterwards we had some food and some drinks to celebrate Marlies’ 20 years of teaching German at the East Melbourne Language teacher. So many years of pure dedication, so much expertise, so much laugher! We love you…Cheers to the ...
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Language Course Melbourne

What is the easiest language to learn for an English speakers? Many students want to enrol into a language course in Melbourne but can’t decide which language to learn. I have been asked many times “What is the easiest language to learn for an English speaker?” and expect to get one clear answer to this question. They hope to get an answer such as Spanish, French or German is the easiest language to learn. But I had to disappoint them as it depends on lots of different factors. So instead of giving you one answer to this question, I want ...
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